Human Resource Management - Online Course


Leaders who understand the concepts and legal framework of effective human resource management develop satisfied staff which leads to improved retention, quality, productivity, and patient outcomes. This course will address recruitment, labor laws, staff performance, onboarding, staff development, and conflict resolution.

Course Objectives

  • Identify opportunities for health care recruitment success.
  • Develop a recruitment plan based on current evidence.
  • Discuss mechanisms critical to successful recruitment in health care organizations.
  • Identify personal opportunities to engage in recruitment success.
  • Understand the scope and authority of the laws related to employee issues.
  • Identify at least four employee characteristics that are protected from discrimination by employers.
  • Apply the concepts of human resource management within the practice of leadership.
  • Practice S.M.A.R.T. goal setting.
  • Name types of corrective action.
  • Compare types of leave.
  • Understand the legal framework of HR principles.
  • Define onboarding.
  • Discuss the importance of onboarding.
  • Differentiate onboarding and socialization.
  • List key components of a successful onboarding program.
  • Describe why a Needs Assessment is an important component of staff development.
  • Recognize the role of the nurse leader in creating an organizational culture that embraces diversity.
  • Comprehend how learning organizations influence nurse satisfaction and retention.
  • Understand the role and necessary skills required of a nurse leader in order to create an effective and equitable staff schedule.
  • Describe the value of the team approach in improving staff retention.
  • Describe competencies and resources to improve relationship management.
  • Employ practices related to conflict management and resolution to improve relationships.
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