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Frontline Leader Certificate Program - Online Course

This evidence-based course will play a crucial role in the charge nurse/frontline leaders role in the organization.


Navigating the World of Abstract and Grant Reviews: A Beginner's Guide for Nurses - Online Course

Take the first step towards becoming a proficient reviewer and making a lasting impact on healthcare research by joining Sigma staff on this webinar. This beginner-friendly webinar is your gateway to understanding the ins and outs of abstract and grant reviews for Sigma.


Creating Healthy Work Envionments: Part Three - Building Healthy Work Environments for Students and Practicing Nurses - Online Course

This webinar is the third webinar in the Creating Healthy Work Environments series. In this webinar, we will continue to explore various aspects of the work environment for nurses and nursing students. The content will be presented in short presentations and then we will have attendees engage with the presenters in breakout rooms to discuss their presentations.


Creating Healthy Work Environments Part Two: Exploring the Effect of the Academic Environment for Students and New Graduate Nurses - Online Course

This webinar is the second webinar in the Creating Healthy Work Environments webinar series. According to the International Council of Nurses, it is estimated that worldwide, we will need 13 million nurses to address the global nursing shortage in the near future. In this webinar, our presenters will present their work in a unique, short, story-telling approach.


The Mountain Model for Evidence-Based Practice Quality Improvement (EBPQI) Initiatives - Online Course

This webinar introduces the first conceptual model for Evidence-Based Practice Quality Improvement (EBPQI) initiatives. The mountain model couples modern EBP and QI paradigm principles into a unified conceptual framework for all nurses with the summative goal of disseminating and sustaining EBPQI across health care and related settings.