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Implementation Science and Nursing: Where are We Now? - Online Course

This online seminar introduces the state of our knowledge on implementation science in relation to nursing. A brief introduction to the basic framework, key elements, and misconceptions in implementation science, illustrated with examples, will be presented.


Developing Nursing Leadership in Africa - Online Course

Africa has grown significantly in the last two decades, but its health systems remain weak. This then spills over into the health services delivered. I will talk about how the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE)'s Center for Nursing and Midwifery is developing nursing leadership to solve this challenge.


Nursing Scientists: Agents of Solutions Towards Resilient, Environmentally Friendly Health Systems for Better Future Care - Online Course

This session discusses nurse scientists' readiness to renew transformation of education, practice, and leadership built on lessons learned from the pandemic.


Innovation of Legal Issues in Healthcare Using the Nursing Process - Online Course

In this webinar, you will learn how a nurse-attorney has been using the nursing process to address legal issues in healthcare, leading to the creation of a novel program that is transforming how a healthcare system effectively manages challenging patients that providers traditionally terminated from their practice.


Food Insecurity: What the Nurse Needs to Know Related to Patient Care and Food Insecurity - Online Course

This course is available for FREE to Sigma Members.
This webinar will discuss what food insecurity is, how food insecurity impacts a patient's health, and the nurses' role related to patient care and food insecurity.


NGN is Here: Part Five – Adapting NextGen with your LMS - Online Course


NGN is Here: Part Four - Simulation's Role in Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Success - Online Course

This course is available for FREE to Sigma Members.
Simulation activities will be discussed within the framework of Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best PracticeTM including formative assessment strategies using NGN-style activities.