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SYFY: Bullying in the Workplace: Solutions for Nursing Practice - Online Course

In hectic and stressful environments, such as hospitals, the incidence of violence takes its toll on nursing staff. When situations become volatile, when tempers rise, and situations become unbearable, nurses can use strategies such as training in how to hold critical conversations, to prevent disruptive and harmful behaviors.


Human Trafficking: Providing Meaningful Intervention - Online Course

This course is designed to provide a general overview of the complex issue of human trafficking.


Healthcare Leadership Program - Online Course

Nurse leaders are expected to exhibit a broad range of leadership skills necessary to keep job satisfaction and productivity levels high and turnover rates low.


Chlorhexidine Oral Care: From Prevention of Pneumonia to Risk Factor for Mortality - Online Course

Explore innovative and collaborative research and evidence-based practice strategies that connect colleagues to improve global health outcomes.


LC18: Growing Leaders Through Volunteerism - Online Course

Volunteerism can greatly impact your professional journey.