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Addressing Vaccine Misinformation in Nursing - Online Course

This webinar will describe common areas of vaccine misinformation and hesitancy among both nurses and the public and discuss how to address misinformation based on evidence.

Social Media Use for the Early Career Nurse - Online Course

This webinar aims to help fellow early-career nurses understand how they can best utilise social media in an authentic yet professional manner. When used correctly, it has endless benefits to develop your career and networks.

Human Trafficking: Providing Meaningful Intervention - Online Course

This course is designed to provide a general overview of the complex issue of human trafficking.


Nursing in a Changing Climate: A Call to Action - Online Course

n this webinar speakers will provide a brief overview of how climate change impacts human health globally, the strategies and solutions to address climate change, and how nurses and nursing organizations can lead in moving forward just and equitable climate solutions.


Coaching in Nursing - Online Course

Whether you are looking for a coach or looking to become a coach, this course will provide skills and knowledge to assist you.


20 Tips and Tricks for Early Career Nurses Part 1 - Online Course

We all know, however, that school does not always prepare you for everything. This session will provide you with at least 20 tips or tricks that every early career nurse should know.