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Accreditation:  Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

The "Transformational Leadership: Delivering Excellence" course is designed to equip nursing and healthcare leaders with the essential skills and knowledge to foster a culture of excellence within their organizations. This comprehensive program covers key aspects of transformational leadership, including the traits and benefits of effective leadership, the implementation of Kouzes and Posner's five practices of exemplary leadership, and the integration of Lean organizational culture. Participants will learn how to enhance employee engagement, improve staff retention, and promote professional development. The course emphasizes critical competencies such as communication, civility, and mindfulness, all integral in building strong leader-employee relationships. Additionally, the program delves into achieving Magnet designation, optimizing patient experience, and applying evidence-based practices to drive nursing excellence. Through interactive modules, practical scenarios, and a plethora of additional learning resources, this course prepares leaders to inspire and motivate their teams, ensuring high-quality patient care and organizational success.

What's in it for me?

Unlock the potential of your healthcare organization with our Transformational Leadership: Delivering Excellence course. Nurse leaders need to ensure their staff have the resources to deliver exceptional patient care, communicate effectively, and are engaged with opportunities for professional growth. However, current nurse leader development often falls short in providing the education needed to truly transform their units and organizations. Our Transformational Leadership: Delivering Excellence course bridges this gap, empowering nurse leaders with the tools to foster a culture of excellence and accountability. Empower your staff, ensuring a motivated and satisfied workforce, and lead your team towards sustainable success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the traits of a transformational leader
  • Explain the benefits of transformational leadership in nursing leadership
  • Discuss the benefits of transformational leadership on an organizational level
  • Analyze the relationship between transformational leadership and Lean organizational culture

About the Author

Ashley Singh, PhD, DNP, RN, EBP-C, CEC, BCC, is an assistant professor of nursing at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a leader and executive coach, Ashley maintains her scholarly agenda to focus on leadership development for current and emerging nurse leaders. She remains engaged in innovative leadership projects, studies, and program and course development to continue contributing to this area of research.
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