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The Career Handoff: A Healthcare Leader's Guide to Knowledge & Wisdom Transfer Across Generations

The Career Handoff helps healthcare and nurse leaders proactively preserve and pass on their valuable knowledge and wisdom to new generations.

From $39.95

The Nurse Manager's Guide to an Intergenerational Workforce

Veterans, Baby Boomer, Generation X and Millennials are in the workforce side by side. There has never before been a time in history where this has happened.

From $29.95

The Nurse's Communication Advantage

The second book in the Nurse's Advantage series by Kathleen D. Pagana addresses the notion that communication is an essential career building block for anyone in the workforce today, including nurses.

From $12.99

Why Retire? Career Strategies for Third Age Nurses

Nurses are aging and the workforce is shrinking. Whether you’re a nurse or a nurse manager, you’re looking for answers.

From $12.99

Improving Nurse Retention and Healthcare Outcomes

Nurse retention is directly correlated to healthcare outcomes, and nurse turnover has a negative, multidimensional effect on healthcare organizations. Improving Nurse Retention & Healthcare Outcomes will help clinical nurses understand how to elevate nurse retention.

From $39.95