NGN is Here: Part Five – Adapting NextGen with your LMS - Online Course


This course is available for FREE to Sigma Members.

Current Learning Management Systems (LMS) do not necessarily lend themselves to Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) item formats. While these barriers are not easily remedied, we have developed and are implementing creative ways to integrate the clinical judgment style questions by utilizing the formats supported by our LMS. Join us as we discuss how to optimize your LMS for NGN content.

This course will retire after 2nd May 2026.

Learning Outcomes:
After participating in this course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate clinical judgement test items without NCSBN formatting
  • Illustrate the formatting of multiple LMS with various NGN style questions
  • Identify ways to increase critical thinking without extra preparatory materials

Speaker Bios:

Marcia Callarman, MS, RN, CMSRN, CNE
Marcia has been a nurse for 35 years with a clinical focus in pediatric intensive care; She started in the nurse educator role for an A.D.N. program in the Houston area in 2012; Dual certified in medical surgical nursing and nursing education. Passionate about helping students to 'think like a nurse' and preparing them for first time NCLEX success.

Nickie Loftin, MSN/Ed, RN, CMSRN, CNE
Nickie Loftin has been a nurse for over 30 years and in the nurse educator role for the last 19 years, earning the Faculty Excellence award in 2010. She has served as the nursing program director since 2017. She is currently certified in medical surgical nursing as well as nursing education. Her passion is impressing on the future of nursing the compassionate care of the elderly population.

Staci Roeber, MS, RN
Staci has been a registered nurse for 18 years, specializing in intensive care. She joined the nursing faculty in 2016 and serves as the curriculum chair for our college system. Her passion is improving education by innovation and role-modeling. She is one of the few nursing faculty in our program that teaches across all levels. Staci enjoys a creative interactive classroom and loves brainstorming with faculty on lecture activities and test item writing.

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