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Addressing Vaccine Misinformation in Nursing - Online Course

This webinar will describe common areas of vaccine misinformation and hesitancy among both nurses and the public and discuss how to address misinformation based on evidence.

Offering a Path to Success for Everyone: Creating an Inclusive Environment in Nursing Education - Online Course

It is our responsibility as nurse educators to purposefully create an inclusive learning environment in nursing education so that everyone we teach has a path to success.

Global Health Advocacy: Building a Foundation for Transformative Impact at the United Nations and Beyond - Online Course

Join Sigma's UN representatives for ideas on local actions and global efforts that nurses can engage in to build a healthier world.

We Are All In: Commitment to a Healthy Work Environment - Online Course

This course is available for FREE to Sigma Members.
The University of Minnesota School of Nursing has been engaged in an ongoing journey to create and sustain a healthy work environment for faculty, staff, and students.


Advancing the Footprint of Forensic Nursing Practice - Online Course

This webinar will provide an introduction to the fastest growing nursing specialty today. The past, present, and future of forensic nursing will be discussed, highlighting the continued need for trauma-informed, patient-centered practice.